Font matters

I like to take my time when I design a site for a customer.   It is often the first impression a company makes on potential clients, so it is very important to get this right.  What does my customer want to emphasize in that first impression, that first few seconds of introduction?  Content is king of course, but colors, layout, UI, consistency, ease of use, responsiveness: all help to deliver your message.  In my experience, even the font choice is important.  Have you ever visited a site with 3 or more fonts on the same page?  Or fonts that don’t work well together?  You may have just noticed that it was hard to read, or seemed jarring.

To that end, I came across this absolute gem, a site that pairs Google fonts.  Check it out, it is not just useful, but it is also beautiful:  The Ultimate Collection of Google Font Pairings from a company called Reliable PSD.  There are 50 google font pairings, presented with a quote about design, and gorgeous images from The Rijks Museum’s online art collection.  I will be adding this to my design resource toolkit.